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December 14, 2008

Brown County Ride ---WOO HOO! We had fun!!!

8.46 miles at Brown County today. A lot of that trotting and cantering, walking when the trail conditions dictated it. Phebes had one melt down over not getting her way. I have figured out she wants to be out in front with quite a bit of space between us and another horse. If she is in back she just wigs out. If the weather holds nice for the Versailles ride next weekend Chris and I may just do a nice slow ride to keep the horse's mind from getting stuck in a go go go mentality.

Phebes refused to load to come home again. David put a butt rope on her and got her in pretty darned quick. All I know to do is keep working at it. She loads fine at home. *sigh* I keep visualizing having to ride her home 70 miles some day :>(

It was a good ride though, and really a lot of fun in some places. Looking forward to the next one. ~E.G.


  1. Did you try out the Hackamore? Did you get all my emails I sent saturday afternoon/evening? Glad you had fun. I was wondering if you got rained on a bit. It rained here on and off and was really windy.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. We stayed dry! Most of the rain passed through in the morning. Sure was muddy. It will take me two hours to get my stirrups clean again.

    I have ordered a Stainless Steel S-Hack. Want to try it here at home prior to using it on an actual ride. Want to be sure she isn't going to have some kind of a melt down first. If that one doesn't get her attention I'm going to borrow one from David Monroe, and see if she is more attentive to the longer shank. My one concern is my riding style which is pretty well ingrained, light contact on the rein, and in a pinch I've always saved myself with a one rein stop, not sure you can do that with a hackamore? ~E.G.