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December 13, 2008

Loading exercises

Phebes loading refresher went well today. I have discovered what could be making her so nervous in the trailer. It is lined on the inside with some kind of ply wood material that is attached on the bottom third, but not the top portion. When I jumped up and down in the trailer this was the only noise evident, and I imagine it makes quite a bit of racket going down the road. The alternatives are to rip it out down to the bare painted metal, or take sheet metal screws and tighten it down all along the top edge. The ply wood is in pretty crummy condition from getting wet through the slats at times. I'm going to ask my Long Suffering Endurance Granny Husband what he thinks tonight.

Inside the trailer I put things that might rattle up on my little cot, and the others are stuffed into a bag. None of this stuff is used that often, just spares of this and that incase I get somewhere and need it. I have an old rubber backed rug on the floor for the air tank to ride on. I need to see about some kind of clips that will hold a broom and a manure rake.

Phebes had an hour of schooling lessons today. The temperature was above freezing today, but the wind was just bitterly cold. She was pretty good, got just a little goosey when the neighbor fired up his old tractor, but settled back down. We worked at side passing, whoa, bending, and mostly just being calm and quiet.

When Doug got home he checked her front feet, touched up the mustang roll for tomorrow. I'll have to wear her out before we can work on the rears.

Hoping tomorrow brings sunshine, clear trails, and trailer loading Phebes!

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  1. Laura, and everyone else, thinks I'm crazy but I always take down anything that is hanging up on the bridle racks in my trailer. Just because it can be so terribly noisy hearing the bridles bang agaist the metal walls when we are driving. I have been doing it ever since my "difficult" loader. Both my girls load great now. But I still don't want to bother them. I'd rather live with the inconvience than make them suffer with needless noise. I'm 100% sure my difficult loader didn't like the noise of the trailer. She was always very sensitve to noise. I've heard about horse ear plugs. Never tried them but thought about it.

    Michelle Detmer