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December 1, 2008

Snow mixed with ride today

Slick out, and dark by the time I got home. I'll be glad when the days start getting longer instead of shorter! Doug said Puddin' was shivering when he put her up. So warm buckets of mash were served all around to warm up some tummys, and racks stuffed full of hay.

Maybe I should start counting down to spring? I'm definitely a warm weather granny vs. a cold weather weanie....maybe a whole lot of both.


  1. you just need to get better prepared for winter weather! :) You gotta go out in the bad weather once in a while so you'll really appreciate it when it's nice. I can't wait for the days to start getting longer too. The horses are sure fuzzy, it's hard to work them very hard with the colder shorter days. The dogs are clueless tho, as they are shedding all over the place. ugh.

  2. I call my shedding dogs "the snuggle bunnies" as nothing is warmer than a fat boxer on a cold day!