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December 1, 2008

Trying to create a riding schedule for myself

My personal ride schedule for 2009

Sundays: 1-4 pm Here
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 1-4 Here
Friday: 1-4 Versailles
Saturday:11-3 Versailles or Brown County (later in spring shifting to Henryville).

I figure that gives me four ride days a week. I'll more than likely get weathered out at least one or more. One the days I can't haul out, I can work up in the arena area. She needs the extra work, even if I do an hour of ground work, and get on and ride after that. I'm thinking into the new year (2009) that I'll alternate rides between Brown County and Versailles on Saturdays January-February. Beginning in March I'll need some fuel money for hauling out to Henryville on Saturdays for long slow distance, and will try to haul to Versailles on Friday and Sundays for some faster short rides, and on into the first two weeks of April. I'd like to take Phebes to Chicken Chase just so she can learn to camp, and experience all the new sights and sounds. Maybe we can "attempt" Top of the Rock in May if things go well. Salamonie is a nice flat ride, if they repeat it...maybe we can give it a shot. We will see. ~Endurance Granny

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