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December 3, 2008

A short ride tonight, then the cold rain came in

I worked her a little on the ground, refreshed on trailer loading. I noticed that she is pawing in the trailer, and I'm very concerned that she will somehow manage to hook her front hoof through the divider. It just gave me the willys when I saw her doing it.

We rode up in the front lot area. I was on less than two minutes when she decided she wasn't going towards the neighbors place. She started getting balky and I pushed her on forward, then we she got there she did her bolting away thing which was very dicey. As I had her head tipped one way, and she was galloping and bucking the other, in mud. I got that sorted out and one reined her to a stop, released, and pointed her back that way again, and she made two more attempts at spooking and running, one reined her in two more times. Since I was alone here on the farm, and knew my husband wasn't going to be home for an hour, I decided to play it safe and ride her within the fenced paddock tonight. Figured if I came off there, and was injured, at least he'd find me, as opposed to somewhere out in the woods.

I have to wonder how much work, and how many miles before these issues resolve? Will they EVER resolve? Then I think of Puddin' and all her spooking and shying, and for the most part she did get over the worst of it, but it took darn near a thousand miles. Phebes behavior seems to be all fear and flight, fear and flight. A couple weeks ago riding in a "herd" environment she was incredibly better, and I feel that was the security of the herd. How do I get her to feel that security with me? She is improving, but slowly, and these frequent set backs shake my confidence.

Today's acting out behavior lasted about five minutes, then she was fine. My husband came home and the rain picked up to a cold wet drizzle, and I decided to just end on a good note. Tomorrow is a long work day, so my next ride will be on Friday barring really bad weather. I'll loosen her up, and take her out to the trails in back as soon as Doug gets home from work. Then I'll have to pack up the trailer for our Saturday ride I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!!!

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  1. Really, what your trying (riding a young, green, mare, without other horses) is extremely hard. Even if it's the same place you've rode over and over again. Most horses, especially mares, hate being alone. By alone, I mean without other horses. And riding near home is the worst, especially when another horse is at home. You never mention it... But when I ride my horse solo, my at home horse whinnies and carries on like a baby. Which doesn't help my horse's confidence at all. She does better when she's farther away from the other horse and by herself than when she's closer to the other horse and just with me.

    I wouldn't worry about WHY she isn't feeling confident going out alone right now and worry more about staying safe. When they are young, and being difficult like that try to ride with other horses as much as you can. You've got many years to perfect the "solo" ride. With it being winter and the footing questionable I'd stay close to home and do a lot more arena work. I know it's boring but have a plan and try doing various "challenges" in the arena.

    I would be extremely jealous of you if you were taking your 4 year old arabian mare out on the trail by herself and not having any troubles!

    Michelle Detmer