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December 5, 2008

Short but good ride today

Spent the day doing odds and ends, getting the trailer packed up with gear and chow for Phebes, cleaning out the back end, and pouring on the kitty litter for grippy hooves.

I did some ground work on a long line, moving her around with a training stick and a very light line. Had her go over barrels, at least she went over one way, and figured out how to roll the barrel out of her way the other direction, but I'll take that, at least she is using the thinking side of her brain. Always a good thing.

Saddled her up up and rode her around, just simple schooling lessons. Footing is very slippery so we walked, turned on the haunches, side passed our way down the fence both directions, did some back ups, and just puttered along. She did spook once in the "spooky corner" of the fenced area, but it was just a little one. As rides go with Phebes, today was a good one.

Hoping for some miles tomorrow. I've got one person confirmed, any other takers for the Clark State Forest at 11:00 AM?

~Endurance Granny

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  1. Hello Endurance Granny

    Havent been on my blog site in forever...short days, no riding
    all work, kind of thing here in VA.

    But I just saw where you commented on my Fort Valley Ride story.

    Thanks and it is fun to get to know other CRAZY people my age out there trying to stay "off the ground" and ON the horse.

    I will start "checkin" in on ya from time to time...I just love all of this horsey stuff!

    My next planned ride will be in April of 09. Old Dominion "No Frills" taking December and maybe Jan. off from riding.

    Take care and hang on!