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November 19, 2008

She's wilder than a March hare today

Caught her up, a little on line ground work, she was pretty wired up. Snorting, and jumping around, especially over the trash truck and the guy that got out of the trash truck, and no not the first time she's seen it. I figure the trash truck has come and gone about a hundred and fifty times since she's been here. So she sees the man get out of the truck, and BAM! (like on Emeril live) she explodes into a gallop, has all of three strides, slips in the mud and lays herself out flat. *sigh* She was a little more watchful of where she put her feet after that. I hadn't had her in the horse trailer for about eight or nine days, so I thought we better work on that. That took another half hour. I had changed it by hanging a nice little hay bag in there for her, so we had TRAILER LOADING 101. I put her in three times, clipped her up, shut the divider, and treated her with carrots and scratching. I'm wanting to ride her this afternoon, hoping the wind comes down so she won't be so "OUT THERE" mentally. When I have her attention she is good, but she has a highly distractible mind. Currently checking into a calming product. She is already on Raspberry leaves which help, but still...
This evening before dark I did get to ride for a couple of miles. I started out in the paddock and she wanted to buck, just feeling full of herself with the wind and the cold. A loud AAAAAAAAAAACK!!! and she stopped and went on like nothing happened. Had Doug let me through the electric gate and headed her down the road to get into the neighbor's hay field. All of a sudden she tried a spin, and I one reined her. The power company had flagged along the ditch, bright orange little flags, and blue spray paint on the road. This horse misses nothing. She was pretty upset and I thought I heard a car coming which is a whole "other" issue we have to work out. So I dismounted. No car. Good, we can work out this fear thing from the ground, and we did! She blew at the things, sniffed, and finally touched one with her nose. So I mounted up and we just worked in the field. It all turned out good.

Loaded up a hay bag for the weekend, fixed up her feed bucket, and moved some things around in the horse trailer in preparation for Saturday. Looks like maybe three of us so far, come on down! Someone bring a nice CALM horse for my Phebers to follow :) E.G.

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