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November 20, 2008

Please note a change of date on I.E.R. Calendar

There has been a change of date on the I.E.R. Calendar which you will find to the right, brown text. November 29th has been changed to November 30th. Chris E. is working the 29th, and since that ride is at her stomping grounds, I thought it would be an awful shame not include her and Toby on that ride.

This Saturday is still on for the Versailles State Park. We are planning LONG SLOW DISTANCE to accomodate 2 young green horses, and fit horses that have shoes pulled for the winter. If trail conditions and green horse behavior warrant, some nice slow trotting here and there, but for the most part, enjoying the ride. Temps are forecasted now at 40 degrees, so bring your gloves...that can bite if it turns windy. Meeting time is still 11:00 a.m. at the day parking area. With a number of barefoot horses, trail A & B would likely be the best footing. So far we have Chris, Stacey confirmed, and possibly Laura & Betty joining in. The invitation is open to Indiana Endurance riders in general. Just meet, greet, ride, and keep 'em fit!

No horse play for me today...12 hours at work. Thank goodness for L.S.E.H. (long suffering endurance husbands).

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