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November 16, 2008

It's a mite chilly today...about 42 degrees, windy

I'd hoped to get Phebes for a longer ride at the park today, but no takers. Michelle and her friend kindly invited me to their place, but they were road riding, and Phebes just isn't road safe by any measure, NOT AT ALL. So I strapped on the Garmin and rode here at home. We got a little over 5 miles done. She didn't break a sweat, but was very goofy today. Spooking at the wind, swirling dry leaves, the neighbor's red truck as it went by for the fourth time (apparently was not scary the first three times). We worked at the walk, and I spent some time working on one rein stops, and just "whoa" in general. The footing was very slippery after two days of cold rain, so we did very little trotting. Side passed both directions, practiced the back up. The temps were cold enough that she did not break a sweat even under her saddle pad. I was layered up with thermal underwear, wool socks under cotton socks, riding tights, thermal fleece pull over, sweat shirt jacket, sock hat, helmet, suede thermal lined gloves, and boots. Actually I was quite comfortable except for my toes while riding. I've purchased some chemical boot warmers to see if that will help, and may pick some up for my gloves as well.

My long suffering endurance (granny) husband also known as LSEGH just informed me that the extended weather forecast for next Saturday is so far very good! Clear skies, and temps in the 50's. I hope I have some joiner, inner's for the ride that day. I'm so excited!!!

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