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October 3, 2008

We just had a short pleasure ride tonight

Phebes (Lil Bit of Magic) has been really difficult lately. I had been working her up in the front lot trotting patterns, working on her reining, and getting a more responsive whoa. It seemed like the more I worked her up there the more fractious she became. Finally I just said to heck with it, sidled her up to the gate, rode through, and headed her out to the woods. She was way more relaxed out there with the exception of a really steep down hill I tried her on. Looks like more ground work will be in order for my "flat lander" who doesn't know how to approach going down a hill slowly...or sanely...each time a few more grey hairs for my head!

The plan is to haul her back to the park on Sunday and shoot for at least eight miles. We have to push out of this narrow riding envelope if we are going to meet our goal of a completion in 2009. I'd like to have her ready for a completion by late spring, and then try to better our time gradually with each successive attempt.

My mind and heart are on the upcoming Nationals, and I am rooting for all the folks coming from across the country to ride that trail. If you get on a stretch of trail called the Bowen Loop at Henryville, and it looks rather "groomed"...well, that was me and a rake did that *LOL*. I hope the weather is as beautiful for all those horse and rider teams as it is here in Indiana today. ~Endurance Granny

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