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October 3, 2008

Training partners

On the recommendation of a friend, I stopped by my egg lady's house today. Low and behold, she had two nice big old quarter horses in her back lot...I have stopped there a couple times before to get eggs, but never got farther into the conversation than how good those free range chicken eggs taste. Today I asked her about her horses, and her name, which I should not forget because it is the same as mine, only spelled different. This should help me avoid one of those senior moments quite well! Now what was here name....hmmmm? *LOL* Anyway, I brought up the subject of looking for a trail riding partner, and she seemed quite happy that I had asked. I believe she has someone that she already rides with, but even if I'm back up, it will help out. My husband is trying to ride with me at least once a week, but he injured his knee, and it is not really very enjoyable for him as there is some pain involved at present. Once I get enough miles on my youngster, it won't be as critical to have a riding partner (though I still prefer one for safety). The ideal next spring would be to find another beginning endurance rider, or an experienced endurance rider starting a new young horse.

Hoping my mentor will have her new horse, and will put up with me for a few more about that Chris Eickleberry? Sadly, Chris lost her endurance horse to complications of Recurrent Equine Uveitis this summer. WR Cowboy, also known as "Jake" was the most awesome trotting horse I ever had the pleasure of trying to keep up with on trail. Chris had hundreds and hundreds of competition miles on that horse, and won a National Championship ride on him I believe in CTR. She had been riding him Limited Distance, and Endurance when I met her. Jake will be sorely missed by all who loved to see that free and happy trot, ears perked forward, ready to whip the trail attitude. Chris is currently looking at horses, but I don't think she has found "the one." After the horse she had, that will be a tall order to fill.

If you are a wanna be endurance rider, and want to share some trail me at I'm available to train at the Versailles State Park (24 miles of trail there) or Brown County State Park, and hope to be getting to Clark State Forest to familiarize Phebes with the loop commonly used for Limited Distance.

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