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October 1, 2008

Cooler temperatures not much to report

Phebes is still being a pill (nice way of saying I'd like to trade her for donkey). We seem to need round pen prior to every ride now so she can gallop, fart, and kick at the air. So we did some of that, I rode for a while, but didn't push my luck with her today. Worked on loading her with the trailer in the "leaving" position. Her new thing after I unsaddle her and turn her out (post rub down with a towel) is to gallop over to the hay pile and roll in it.

I've been working on a conditioning calendar that will be a four month program, drawing from some of the best of what I've found. We will be changing out hard drives so hoping that none of my files get lost...but sent this one to work, just in case, so I can send it back to myself if necessary as I have a half day in it so far.

My biggest barrier right now is lack of a training partner. With the track record of this filly tossing me off with some regularity, I'm very hesitant to ride alone. I don't think it is wise in best case scenerios, and I certainly do NOT have one of those! My old mare, I'd chance it. With Phebes it seems less and less prudent to be doing it. Anyone out there with a dead broke mount that would like to be "accompanied" down the trail, give me a holler. Have horse, want to ride!

This time of year is always hard for me, seeing the summer slip away, and brief crispness of all move in. The fall is the most beautiful season here in Indiana, but it is what follows that pains me. W-I-N-T-E-R. What will Phebes be like after a two month lay off? Will I have to start all over AGAIN???? I shudder at the thought.~Endurance Granny

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