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October 29, 2008

I'm thinking of trying to pull together a "new riders" group

The one thing I hear from the newbies (myself included) is finding the time to ride is difficult, and finding training partners, even more difficult. I would like very much to start a training group that meets at Versailles State Park, and the Clark State Forest for novice endurance riders, wanna be endurance riders, and any endurance veterans that feel like helping and inspiring some beginning riders. I don't think there is a distance club in this little corner of the state and that might be a fun project as well eventually.

While I'm on the topic of "newbies", the photo above is of Nicole B. and her arabian mare Arabee (Nicole if I butchered the spelling, I plead for forgiveness). I was very pleased to find her at the AERC Nationals a few weeks ago, and hope we can network and do some riding together in the near future. Maybe we can convince Michelle D. to ride with us regularly. All we'd need to do is get our calendar out, decide on training ride dates, and go from there if all parties are willing.

I brought my Mom home from the hospital, and she was perking right along, so I plan to ride tonight. ~Endurance Granny

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