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October 29, 2008

Who knew???

Who knew that horses could gallop sideways REALLY REALLY FAST like they have rocket boosters on their feet? Let it be known that my little wonder horse can do it, she can go airborne, reverse direction, AND gallop sideways pretty much all at the same time. The battery had gone dead in my Garmin, but I'm betting we just broke all former speed records from one end of the oval pen to the other this evening. This doesn't seem like a chain of events that an *ahem* equestrian should be particularly proud of, but any time the Endurance Granny doesn't fall off, we call it a good ride! The treeless did not slip, though it did shift just a little, and if I'd have been in my Abetta let me tell you, I'd have been rolling on the ground yelling something like *$%! this hurts every time it happens! Instead, I suprised to find myself on the opposite end of our little training pen, and still on the horse! As an extra bonus I'll not need an aerobic exercise session today, as my pulse easily hit target rate during that little episode. Ride on ~Endurance Granny

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