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September 10, 2008

Schooling Exercises today

Today was not a "good" day. Phebes wanted to do the driving. She also tried to buck me off again while trying to work out the transition to canter. She's so close to being the horse I've always wanted, but we can't seem to get past that one important sticking point. It boils down to my being to unbalanced to "ride it out" and make the correction, and I have to start fighting to stay seated when she drops her head to buck, and everything unravels from there. After trying to unload me twice this evening, I put her in the round pen and had her canter both directions in there, no I got on and she cantered with me counter clockwise, but would not canter consistently on the right lead going the other direction. In the round pen, no bucking.

There are days, and this is one of them, that I wonder, will we EVER EVER make it, or will I make it without a serious injury. Then out on the trail she is getting better and better, but how "safe" is a horse that you cannot control their gaits?

Working every day this week, not getting much accomplished with less daylight hours. I wish that someone who does this successfully, and works would assist me in finding a balance to manage my time more affectively.

Feeling every bit the Granny tonight ~ E.G.

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  1. Lucy Gives me that kind of attitude in the ring some times. She came from a dressage barn and was very much perturbed by contact with the bit. I started using the Dr. Cook Bittless. She responds much nicer to it. The bucking has ended.

    I work full time, the days are getting so much shorter, rides during the week are very short. No way around it.