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September 12, 2008

Locust Grove Tack & Feed Osgood, IN

Mr. Huffman at Locust Grove Tack & Feed is my tack specialist. If not for his assistance, I'd have gear falling off all along the trail. He took a regular fanny pack that I normally wear and turned it into a sweet little cantle pack. He also sewed on my neck ditty which I just didn't feel good about wearing with a cord around my neck. Too many ways that could go wrong (visions of being hung, dragged, or decapitated by the cord). Now a simple little human fanny pack becomes a great endurance cantle pack which will hold a third bottle of water, my vet card & trail map, and my little folding tool that has a knife, screwdriver, etc. To purchase a pack like this pre-made runs over $30. The fanny pack was free, he added two sewn on clips, and stitched on the ditty for a nominal fee. His work is always top notch. I've lost count of the clips, dees, repairs, saddle strings he's put on my gear for the past year. If you need a leather repair, bridle repair, new leather reins, clips, dees, or other needful equestrian fixes, Mr. Huffman is the man.

If you are looking for Nutrena Feeds in the Osgood, Napoleon, Delaware, Milan, Batesville Indiana area, Gerald Huffman's place is where to get it. We picked up some Nutrene Lite Balance today. This feed most closely matches the recommendations for a high fiber diet / low NSC that a distance horse should be eating. Locust Grove Tack & Feed is the closest source for our preferred Nutrena feeds.

Locust Grove Tack & Feed can be reached at 812-689-4428 ~Endurance Granny

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