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September 12, 2008

Phebes Gear, what we have and what we still need

I'm getting there on Phebes gear. Just a little ways to go....of course we could pretty well make do with what we have at this point.

The Have List:
Treeless Saddle, Custom Skito Pad (on order), 2 Stow Away water bottle holders, cantle bag (for third bottle), Dr. Cook's bitless bridle, two EasyBoot Bares for her front hooves, manure fork, manure tub, pull along wagon, feed and water buckets, horse trailer, camping gear.

The still need or want it list:

A short dressage girth, neoprene, about $80.

4 regular Easyboots size (0) and the foam to glue them on. This will give me hoof protection on the hind, and emergency boots for the front. I'm really waiting on the new Easyboot glue on to come out. These are barely there, no bulk, and the adhesive keeps them stuck for a weekend of competition. These will run about $160 for the four.

Spare Cross under bridle. I'm going to try her with a hackamore from Mr. Huffman, but if that doesn't work out, I'll have to get another cross under for a spare. After seeing how easily she broke my Dr. Cook's, yes...definitely need a spare bridle. I've drawn up a design on one that is different than the Doctor Cook's, though works on similar principle. If Mr. Huffman isn't buried with work this winter, I'll try to hire him for the job of making one on my design.

Weight loss. I don't know how, but twenty pounds has got to come off. If necessary I'll hike all winter, whatever, it just HAS TO COME OFF. My pie baking is a curse!

If the economy doesn't take a dive, I'd like to have a spare pad so I can put a dry pad on her at the halfway. Particularly important on hot humid rides. The Skito pads are just the best, no other pad that I have tried is comparable. I've found a few I like, such as the Crestridge Saddle pad with built in lift, and air flow material, and in all honesty the Tacky type waffle weave pads have worked very well with Phebes, but these are not a good hot weather alternative. I think with real physical exertion that type pad will likely build up excess heat which will work against you during the Metabolic portion of the vet check. A spare Skito pad will run about $180, but I won't even consider one until I know the new gear is going to fit her, and that she won't be intent on dumping me. Currently we are still in the Abetta with a waffle weave, and the saddle horn on the Abetta has saved me three times in the past month of going off, and each times was a very close call. I've found the best deal on Skito pads at Lori's Tack online.

As far as gear, that is about the end of it. We could make do as we are with just three more easyboots. So I'm not going to worry all that much, if things work out fine, if not, we'll wing it with what we have.

So thankful it is friday, and I can have a day or so to rest. My office coordinator will back on Monday from medical leave. Hoping life can return to normal around here at last.

Praying for all those people in the Gulf at the mercy of Ike.

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