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September 7, 2008

Distance: 3.70 miles Time 1:20:46 Avg speed 2.9mph

Yes, it sounds pretty slow but we did hills today, big big big hills! We were out in the sticks, with me singing the silly song that Phebes likes to hear to distract her from wildlife rustling in the brush. Today we had only one tiny spook in place, no major drama other than I decided to canter and she wanted to GO GO GO....I had to shut her down with a one rein stop, it was all rather exhilirating (counting those grey hairs added to my head). For a young, green, never been there or done that horse, she's doing alright. As long as I keep repeating my mantra of LSD (long slow distance)for at least another six months, we'll be okay.

The Garmin is helpful. It is telling me some things about the speed of Phebe's gaits.

Walk= 3.4 mph
Trot= 5 mph
Extended trot= 7.6 mph (OH THE MAGIC NUMBER!!!)
Canter= 9.1 mph
Gallop= I don't know I was hanging on for dear life, didn't have time to look at the Garmin ....!

Next weekend I want to haul her to the park. I'd really like to shoot for trail "A" which is over six miles. She's ready for that, and so am I. ~Endurance Granny

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