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September 28, 2008

Distance: 7.5 miles

We did make it to the park and did the A loop today. The ride started out rough, she was balky and wanting to rear, mostly flipping her head. We had riders behind us, so I dismounted for safety and asked them to go around. She was fine after that, a couple of little spooks, and near the end of the ride another spin in a creek bed. This one ended with me barely hanging on by her mane hair and clawing my way back up! I did figure out the issue, it is the movement and sound of the flat creek rock under her hoof. She is really afraid when the rocks move and begins to panic. No speed or time today as my Garmin batteries went dead...and I was so excited that I was going to get to test the GPS against the milage on the trail map, darn! We had a few nice hills to climb and descend, and I felt that she did well on both. She is very energetic on a climb, and I allowed her to trot up a few...she has her mama's hill climbing genes. Puddin' was awesome on hills, straight up or down, now if Phebes can just perfect the down (though I'm seeing gradual improvement). Phebes was very energetic post ride, and I honestly think she could handle a 12 mile ride at this point as long as the pace is slow. She drank some from the bucket, and nibbled at hay, but mostly was caught up in the activity of the day parking area, and greeting other horses. Loading was a little sticky again, both going, and coming, but after a few tries she does get in. She is still fairly stressed, though I drive gosh awful slow to try and make the experience as easy as possible. All in all, a Good ride!~Endurance Granny

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