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September 20, 2008

Clearing the trails for the AERC Nationals

What an exciting day! We met at the home of Connie Caudill and her husband Mike. Mike, Connie, and Bill Wilson led our crew to clear the Bowen Loop. No exaggeration, it looked like a tornado had set down and run amuck up on that trail. Trees down everywhere, debris fields of branches and leaves. Because of my unplanned dismount on Saturday, my back was not up to much bending, so I put on a back brace, and raked debris for eight hours! I was claiming I'd raked a HUNDRED MILES *LOL* What nice people I met....Joyce Rueff from Louisville, KY, and Donna Beall of Shelbyville, KY, who picked up branches in the zillions... Chris Eickleberry drove from Columbus, IN she nipped and dragged, and at one point was standing in the bucket of a tractor attaching chain to a tree. She let me share a ride with her. We met in Seymour Indiana, and she drove the rest of the way to Henryville as she knew where she was going. It is my understanding that the Pekin Saddle club was clearing their loop today, and another crew was working on another section today. There will be at least thirty-five miles of trail to clear, and then they all need marked with ribbons for the ride. It will be a challenge getting all of the trails ready by mid-October. I had a hard working WONDERFUL day! ~Endurance Granny

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