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August 24, 2008

We completed the small trail loop solo yesterday

We continue to work at the canter. The canter isn't exactly the is the whoa. So I'm trying to canter her in a straight line instead of a circle with a fence boundary. I ask for whoa, and she will either stop right then, or we'll run into the worked. I'll do some more of these exercises and once that is solid, go back to a large circle and see if the lesson got across to her. Phebes is just awful fat and lazy. On trail we are keeping to a walk, I have to almost mentally shake myself to not trot her this first summer on trail. I'm also pretty nervous about the prosect of her first trailer ride. She loads so well now, and scoots right over to have the divider shut. I'll just PRAY nothing frightens her about the ride, and we'll take Big Cree along for company.

We finally got the hay in the barn today. The last fifty bales are a soft fluffy grass, alfalfa, clover mix. Bought it special for Puddin'. The other two are so inclined to be fat I'm sticking with grass hay. It is always such a relief to get the hay into the barn, and know they will be fed over the winter. The prices of everything horse related have soared since we got the horses four years ago. All the feed and supplements have doubled in price, which means keeping three horses now costs what it used keep six.

Plan on riding her again tonight once the temperature drops. Very hot and humid again today. ~Endurance Granny

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