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August 19, 2008

I'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay over the next few weeks

Phebes sadly outgrew her Sycamore Creek Custom saddle. It is the most comfortable thing I ever rode in, but its got to go. Will likely have to go treeless for the longterm until I'm sure she won't grow anymore. So it is going up on ebay currently. The width of this wide ride at... the bottom of the bars, gullet width from concho to conch measure 12 inches.

The auction link:

Also up for auction are some of Frank Bell's horse training DVD's. If you are starting or restarting a horse I highly recommend them. All about building trust.

The auction links:

For you endurance minded folks with a sense of humor I'm selling Potato Richardson's Endurance Riding Tips DVD, let me tell you this guy is a hoot! The link:

I've not got them listed yet but I'll be putting up a big lot of horse magazines. Equus, Horse Illustrated, & Horse and Rider. Just waiting on the camera batteries to recharge.

Some silver jewelry will be going up for auction. And I'm selling some lots of tall and dwarf irises from my private garden.

Endurance Granny needs a new skito pad...............................need it bad!

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  1. If you run across any Duett Rondo saddles let me know!