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August 17, 2008

Phebes goes solo....well, sort of ...

Doug hiked with us part of the way, but then Phebes and I set off solo to do our small little trail loop. She was pretty hesitant at first, but then she got into a groove and we were just walking along at a nice trail pace. The only mishap along the way was when a big horse fly sunk its fangs into her rump, and we had a spinning jumping sort of bucking episode. I was happy with her progress today. When we got back Doug gave her a barefoot trim. He started with her back hooves this time, and she was much easier to deal with. Her attention span is short, and by the time you'd normally get to the back she's over the whole trimming thing. By doing the rear first, he was able to get a nice mustang roll on backs for the first time. She was a little antsy over the fronts , but if she gets moody with those at least she isn't kicking.

Doug loaned me his tacky pad and it seems to be working under the Abetta so I'm able to still ride her. We cantered once today and she came back down within three strides when I asked her. We will need a lot more work in that area for sure.

My husband has been reading a lot on insulin resistance and Cushings, and the various diets. He decided to change our horses over to free access loose minerals instead of the lick blocks. He put mineral feeders in each stall and one outdoors under their loafing area.

Back to work tomorrow for my twelve hour day, so I won't get to ride the Phebes until Tuesday. ~Endurance Granny

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