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August 28, 2008

Not too much happening

I'm still of course working with Phebes at the canter. Our second session she was doing better. The third session however she attempted to buck me off and darned near succeeded. We also rode the small trail loop last night, and I discovered that if a horse fly gets on her she bucks. So that was quite the adventure as well.

In this interim period the plan is to haul her to the park, hoping this weekend, and expose her to that for the first time. It will be her first trip in our trailer, and I just pray nothing causes a mishap, as she's loading really well. She's just so hypersensitive about things.

My ebay auctions went well. I was able to sell my saddle that no longer fits, cashel stirrup cushions, stirrup turn right thingies, a book, magazines, reins and curb strap, a training DVD, and 20 iris plants. I'm using this to get her treeless saddle up and running.

The treeless saddle: Well I probably made a mistake buying a Hilason, but we will see. It looked alright except for the attachment of the pommel which really sucked. It has four stitches and a lot of glue holding it on. I've taken it to Locust Grove Tack to see if Mr. Huffman can reinforce it with latigo. I just have visions of the thing popping up mid ride! He is also making an emergency grab strap (as Phebes tends to create emergency grabbing...), and he's putting on some latigo strings to make it a little more "western". The saddle pad for it is on order from Lori's tack. I'm getting her a 3/4 inch split top, with tapered foam, in black duck. This pad is designed for the treeless saddles. I have already purchased two english to western girth converters, but don't know what size girth she will need yet. A pair of easyboot bares, size one, are on the way. Mr. Huffman also resized my Wintec english girth so it would fit Phebes. Now hoping, praying, PRAYING all this gear fits, and we don't have a saddle slippage problem. Off to work ~Endurance Granny


  1. Nice website and enjoyed the videos. I found you by googling Treeless saddles. I've done one CTR and loved it, but haven't done much riding the last 10 years. Keep on riding.

  2. Get back on that horse and ride!!! It keeps me going. I will post up on the Hilason saddle after I've ridden it a few times. After a little tweaking it looks really nice. I will also post honest information as to the good and the bad of it as I find those things out. My longterm goal is a barefoot saddle with panels built in underneath. Bought the Hilason as a starter saddle to see if it works for me, and if it makes a differnce in Phebes. If all is good, I'll look to getting the Barefoot for 2009. If not....hoping she will lose enough weight that the Abetta will once again work as an option. Welcome to the blog, and make yourself at home here. ~EG