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August 9, 2008

Hoping and praying I can get a nice ride on Phebes tomorrow

We haven't worked with Phebes since August 3!!! Other than trailer loading I've just not had time for myself. Was planning to ride today, but after push mowing the yard I was too whipped to do it. Doug had to work today, and I didn't want him to have to worry over the grass this weekend, so did it myself. My hope is that tomorrow morning I can brush Phebes real good, do some ground work, and then do some schooling exercises. I'd like to get her transitioning from walk, trot, canter, and back down to trot, walk, and whoa. We haven't done nearly enough work on that, so while Cree is laid off for lameness, it will give us an opportunity to tweak things that need tweaking! We aren't sure about Cree, he has no heat, no swelling, and no tenderness other than the bulbs of his heel on the right rear. Wonder if he somehow bruised it deep? We have him on stall rest tonight, and he had a bute tablet with his "glop" (beet pulp, triple crown, mash) this evening.

I sure hope that my life calms down for a little while. For me, emotional stuff is just exhausting. I envy people who can just suck it up, and not be too affected by worry over others. A cup of decaf.....and I'm crashing for the night. ~E.G.

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