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July 6, 2008

We survived the five mile loop...not without excitement

Saddled up early this morning to try and beat some of the heat and humidity. Trail conditions were still slick even in above mid-eighty temperatures because the dew point is so high the ground isn't drying up. This makes for some really challenging up and down hills. We again rode and re-rode the one boogerie ditch crossing. Five repetitions, then finally she walked across it sensibly. The log took three repetitions before she'd get it right. Then we headed up a pretty easy hill and I put her in the lead and pointed her down a hill trail, this is when all heck broke loose with a major spinning spook. I came about half out of the saddle and was tenously hanging on with my left foot still in the stirrup, and my right thigh barely making contact, all the while scrabbling to get her under control and my butt back in the seat! The Granny just about ate dirt on that one. Doug and I continued on to the trail that goes up to the campsite above Laughery. Cree took exception to a grill and a camper that are being torn down there, it was like a rodeo round up with him spinning, attempted to bolt, and backing up. Doug hung in there, but finally had the presence of mind to just dismount and work his horse through it. In some ways Cree acts greener than Phebes...lovely combination, let me tell ya *LOL*. So we get through that, loop around past Laughery Creek again, and reverse towards home. This takes us down that hill she really hates. Phebes wanted to rush down, so I put pressure on the reins to try and slow her down, she started flipping her head up in the air to avoid the pressure on her nose (Dr. Cook's bridle), she got herself sideways on the hills, the feet went sliding out from under her, and down she goes on the hill. I was lucky enough to not get my leg stuck under her, and had to do a remount on the hill. She wasn't great going down, but seemed to be a little more attentive after loosing her footing. After all that excitement the rest was pretty much gravy, just relaxing and heading on home. The loop took 2 hours, so that should average out at the walk to at least five miles, maybe a little bit more. I know the park loop A is 6.5 miles and it takes about 2 1/2 hours. Once the trailer loading is more reliable, I think she's ready to start going to the park.
Hot and sweaty, but glad to be riding again. ~Endurance Granny

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