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July 5, 2008

Toklat Cool Back Saddle Pad

It has been awhile since I got the Toklat Cool Back Pad, and I had not updated on my feelings about the pad. For now I'm kind of mixed on it. My saddle just didn't seem to have the stability that it did with of all things a Martha Josey Barrel Pad. In all honesty, I need to ride it some more. Phebes is so mutton withered that I have to be very careful where I place the saddle to avoid dry spots. If I get her saddle just a hair too far forward we have large dry spots on the withers, if I get it settled into its sweet spot, we have no problems at all. We finally got out for a ride this evening, and she was just a plain little booger. Not doing anything seriously wrong, just lots of little things that added up to a less than pleasant ride. All the old trouble spots again. Ditch crossings, logs, and uphills. Always does them well enough when repeated but the initial attempt at anything can be rushed, and downright hairy to ride. But in fairness, I've been down sick for the better part of ten days so she's had quite a layoff. I'm hoping she is not already outgrowing this saddle. She still has a little growing to do I'm sure.

As for Toklat vs. Skito my vote is still Skito, but saddles and pads are just such an individual fitting issue, I'd hate to sway anyone on the quality of either. Many swear by the Toklat Wool Back pads, and I've not tried that one yet. If you have a good fit with your saddle I see no reason that the Toklat wouldn't work nicely, but if you have any fitting issues I'd vote Skito...but in a perfect world, especially distance, you want that saddle to fit. ~Endurance Granny

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