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July 5, 2008

Trailer Loading, Uveitis, Endurance Granny stuff

Phebes is still balking like mad for that intial load. Pressure from behind doesn't work, pressure from the halter eventually works, but I sure want to get past the battle. Loaded her up last night after some struggle, closed the divider, added "Big Cree" to the back of the trailer (he barely fits by the way....he's gonna need ear socks to protect his ears) closed the door, and gave everyone a carrot to munch on. Unloaded them, and then re-loaded Phebes, and she walked right in. Wish I could get to the bottom of her initial resistence to load. I just have this underlying fear that I'll haul her somewhere and then not be able to get her back into the trailer.

Puddin' has been pretty much out of commission this year. Her bad eye that has the uveitis flares up about every ten days now. Banamine works to clear it up, but as soon as she goes off of it, the problem returns. Uveitis is horribly painful, so she has mostly stood under the shade of the barn wearing her fly mask this year. The cure for this disease is to remove the eyeball....I don't have the heart to do that yet. Banamine paste is very expensive, and long term I don't think it is good for the kidneys. We are going to inquire about Bute, to see is it is effective against Uveitis. Either way, Puddin' can't legally enter any competitions in the future as she would test positive for banned substances. She is so blind it is not safe to move out fast anymore anyway. Last time I rode her she fell over a low log, guess she just didn't see it. So a clear easy trail will be Puddin's limit in the future. Sad to see such a lovely vital horse come to the end of the road. Especially since she owns my heart....lock stock and barrel.~Endurance Granny


  1. ((hugs)) Puddin' is a lovely girl and so, so fortunate to be in your caring hands. The best horses are those that give us all they can, and the best owners are those who give everything back.

  2. I had a warmblood who had this disease back before anyone really knew what caused it or why. It was so hard. He was a dressage horse though, so he went on to do dressagey things without me! There were other horess at the farm where I boarded that had it so I think they all had lepto. I think that high doses of aspirin are good and I can do some research on teh dynamite website and see if there are supplements that will help get her system back in balance if you like!

  3. She is a horse like no other....~E