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July 4, 2008

Another temporary set back

I seem to have picked up the germ from hell. It has been almost two weeks now, with five days just flat in bed, with the germ migrating from my throat, to my sinuses, and finally settling into my ear which is currently "hearing impaired." Like most things, when I do it, I do it with style and in a big way. **sigh**

Even though I've been sick I've forced myself to go out and load Phebes into the trailer each day. I'm met with resistance on the first load of the day every time, which is a little disheartening, but then after the initial struggle she will reload like a trooper. I'm not sure how to overcome this, but will keep chipping away at the problem. Once she's in there she's calm now. I can even jump up and down and get the trailer kind of bouncing, and bang around on the metal and such. She will look concerned, but pretty well stand there with one foot cocked in a relaxed manner in most instances. It is just that initial load that is a struggle. Takes about two minutes to get her in with a lot of pressure and release. I'd like to get her started on riding down the road soon.

Work has been chaos. The company I work for fired a long-term employee who knew the work in the office blindfolded. Our office mgr. is going out on medical leave in one week, and a person who formerly worked for the company is being hired to replace the nice lady who was let go. I'm in a lot of internal conflict about all of this, all the while of course needing my own job. To further convolute the tension the company has merged with a larger mental health services provider, and a lot of change is in the works, from new policies, to new software systems that will replace the old, customer service issues....what has any of this to do with riding and training a distance horse? My time is very limited right at the moment. Not being a young person anymore, it is hard to have an energy reserve after a ten or twelve hour day at work, and I do envy those folks that get up and ride in the dark.....but this is one old granny who just doesn't have that kind of grit!

On a much happier note, I hope to do some riding with Phebes this weekend. Would like to push her out to five miles, since three hasn't bothered her in the least. Maybe continue working on the canter???

To those who stop in to read the blog, have a happy July 4th weekend! Happy trails~Endurance Granny

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