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July 10, 2008

3 more miles....

It was a ride tonight, but not one to write home (or blog about)...Phebes head was checked out. By the time we got back I felt like I'd been wrestling an alligator in a mud pit... On the way home a car came and I thought I'd best dismount as that isn't something we've worked on. All I can say is I'm glad I did. She spooked up onto a four foot bank, then promptly fell off of it. She had a couple nicks on her hind legs from all her thrashing around. Luckily I came through in one piece. Did I mention that I asked for a trot in the field and she pushed up to a canter and decided she'd try to buck me off? *****sigh*****

There are days when you wonder if it is worth it. But on we go.

George (a big quarter horse) is sure lookin' good to me today. Sane, calm, the rock in times of trouble. Even old Puddin' with her blind eye, and lack of depth perception is looking pretty darned sweet about now....

I switched out pads tonight. The Martha Josey pad I loved so much is too thick, she's grown a little wider, and she had started getting some dry spots. The Toklat pad just did not work out for us. They are nice pads, but her saddle won't stay put using it as she is so round. So I suppose the Toklat will be washed and put up for auction. Tonight I used my four year old Skito pad, and we had an even sweat pattern again.

OH PHEBES~Endurance Granny

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  1. Take it easy and don't get hurt. good for you for getting off. I would have too. When I first started riding Liberty I used to get off all the time! Maybe next summer we can meet in Shawnee ad dride!