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July 18, 2008

Trailer Loading

We got it in one attempt tonight, direct and drive!!! WOOO HOOOOO! She hopped right in, moves her hip over to the divider wall, I close the divider and jump up and down in the trailer..........OH HAPPY DAY!

I've decided that just working trail isn't going to work for Phebes. I really need to do some schooling exercises at least twice a week to keep her respectful and paying attention to my leg as she should. We still having worked out the faster gaits consistently. She will be good one time, and goofy and wanting to unload me the next.

The saddle fitting issue was perplexing, but I think I've got it fixed for the time being. I switched to a Crestridge saddle pad. It has a neoprene pad built into the pad that fits the bars of the saddle. The one I'm using belongs to my husband and has the 1/4 inch lift. I'm adding another slice of neoprene on each side right where we were getting the dry spots. So it appears to be the point of the bars exerting pressure. Crestridge makes one with a 1/2 inch lift, and I may try that. What is really neat about this particular pad is the rest of the pad is made from this vented material, (same thing foot ball jerseys are made of) so heat just goes right on through, and sweat runs right off. You just hose it off to clean it. The 1/4 inch + of lift seems to have cured the problem. I do expect her to grow out of this saddle by next year. If we can just get enough miles in where she starts to settle in and be more "predictable" I'll probably attempt treeless for the long haul. If Sycamore Creek is able to perfect their endurance saddle down to under 14 pounds, I may consider having her fitted with another of theirs. I'm really crazy about my Sycamore Creek saddle. NEVER have I sat in one so comfortable. Phebes shape has really changed since February. She's rock hard muscle, and has become pretty fit overall. Her shoulders have built muscle big time. We still have our glitches, but she's progressing albeit slowly...~Endurance Granny

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