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July 17, 2008

Just ground work last night...

I can't seem to get wind back into my sails, or really get over this upper respiratory THING. Wednesday I just felt literally exhausted the entire day. Did get my Mom out to the store for a few things, a couple loads of laundry, and baked Doug a pie. I wanted to just sleep, but didn't. Took Phebes out to the woods to work on a sticky water crossing from the ground. She did pretty well considering this is a really muddy slipping ditch type crossing. A little more practice and she'll have it. Then we trailer loaded. It took two tries, with her going in fine on the second approach. Off to get ready for work. ~E.G.

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  1. Go granny go! After breaking my arm last year, I couldn't agree more....Good advice, "Stay in the saddle!" See the story of my "accident" here:
    Happy trails, Sandy Sandy