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July 20, 2008

Trailer Loading Phebes

Another good load. Direct and drive, and right in on one approach. Goooooooooooooooooooooooood Phebers! We also rode our little three mile loop last night. She was sticky and balking not wanting to do that big downhill. Once I got her moving, she was fine. We just break it up into segments, and stop a few times so she doesn't get so much forward momentum.

She has just matured into a really pretty little horse. Not as big as I expected her to get, but considering it is all I can do to manage a ground mount at all, I'd say she's tall enough. I figure she will completely gray out over the next three years, and then I'll have a Puddin' Look a Like, except for the pinto skin that is pink and black.

Horribly hot and oppressive here today. Thought we'd get a break as a storm was rumbling...but it passed us by. Giving the horses off today and tomorrow, then back at it on Tuesday hopefully. Spent the day working on the iris beds, trying to salvage my new cultivars, as I'm very limited on space, it has taken some creativity on my part. The new cultivars need to be registered, and increased for sale. I did not sell irises for the first year since I started this 2008 season. Want to spend my time getting Phebes started and the iris sales time is very overwhelming and exhausting, during the hottest month of summer. That is the full report~Endurance Granny

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