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June 14, 2008

Phebes, new goals, new strategy

It is so hot here in the midwest. Hot isn't so bothersome, but coupled with high humidity makes me feel as if I'll wilt. I have been moving through the day like a slug for the best part of the week. Went to the doctor this week and had a bunch of blood tests, and an echocardiogram. Worked late on Monday, and we had storms on Tuesday and all morning at the hospital on Wednesday, the sun was shining when I got off work on Thursday, but had myself scheduled for a hair cut, then storms all day Friday. So Phebes didn't get much done...a ride on Wednesday evening, a ride today (Saturday), and hoping to get a nice ride in tomorrow.

New goals for Phebes:

Head set, giving to the bridle, vertical flexion. I dropped the nose band on her Dr. Cook's and she did much better tonight.

Side passing on cue. She really gets balled up on this one. She can do it fine with her nose to the fence, but away from the fence she wants to back up. This will take some work.

This goal isn't new, but certainly I'm calling in outside help....want to get her in that darned trailer. I've emailed Denny Taylor who is a Frank Bell certified trainer here in Indiana. He says he is willing to come down for a day to work on the loading. From our emails back and forth he seems to think the barrier is fear....get her confidence, get her into the trailer. Hoping it works out that he can schedule and come down one day soon.

That's the full report ~Endurance Granny

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