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May 31, 2008

We are still hitting the trails!

I've been trying to get Phebes on trail at least every other day, and just handling and ground work on alternate days. When it rains she gets the day off. She is doing well, and starting to gain confidence in the particular trail loop that we use. She does want to jump things that she should step over, so I may have to back track and do some more ground work on those places before a habit sets in. She also wants to trot up hills rather than walk, and I really want her to walk. I dismounted last night and was moving some pointed snaggy brush out of the trail, and she took that like a trooper! In some ways she much lower key than her mama was starting out. Our worst trouble so far was a turkey bursting up flapping its wings a few weeks ago. Otherwise she's been pretty agreeable. Hope all you distance riders are out competing on the trails this weekend.....we hope to be out there next year! ~Endurance Granny

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