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May 24, 2008

We are still at it!

The sun is back out today and I had a pretty nice ride on Phebes. Doug has been going with me on his horse Cree. Phebes does a really nice water crossing now, has learned to walk up a hill instead of trot up, and she can shimmy down a hill real slow and safe. We rode down our dead end country road today and a car came. I got her off to the side and she was fine! Then we kind of chased that car down the road (at a walk of course).

Report card of where we are on certain tasks:

Stand for mount and dismount A

Back up on cue A

Flex left B

Flex right A

Break at the poll C

Creek crossings A

Ditch type crossings C

Calmness on trail C+

Willingness to leave another horse on trail D

Willingness to keep moving on the trail A

I think her sticking points will get better with more trail miles. She will learn that it is okay to look to me for leadership, rather than depending on our dominent horse, I hope.

She is rather spooky over fallen brush and such. We have a way to go...~Endurance Granny

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