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May 22, 2008

Riding the water crossings

Phebes was a little exciteable starting out yesterday. I led her along the ground for the first part of our session. Once we reached the water crossings I rode her across them, back and forth six or seven times. She did really well on the creek crossings, just walked across like she'd done it a thousand times. Then we decided to ride back (Doug and Cree were with us) along an old logging trail, across a field, and up the road to home. She was a little tense at first, but pretty soon got her head into the process. The only problem she had was walking on the gravel with my weight added. Previously she had shown no sensitivy to the stone with my off and leading, but was real "ouchy" with the added weight of tack and me. So I got her off onto the grass for the rest of our walk home. She did well. My biggest concern with her presently is how to get her mind to focus on me, and off of imaginary "boogie men" out there. We are supposed to have a nice weekend. Hope to get in some more riding with her. We are moving forward, but at a very s...............l................o....................w pace. ~Endurance Granny.

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