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May 18, 2008

Finally! A day off and sunshine all at the same time!

It has been a wonderful weekend. Two rides on Phebes, both went well. Also today I took her on a lead line to the back, and worked on water crossings from the ground. Doug (hubby) went along and we took turns handling her. The sun was out, the birds were singing, the wind was rustling the leaves. My Phebers was having herself a good time! She spooked in place once over a big crow flapping upward from the trail, GOOD PHEBES!!! Her water crossings are getting better and better. The really scarey ones she kind of does a little hop over, no more exploding across. The not so scary ones she just wades right in now! We also learned to walk through some pretty wet bogs today. At first she was trying to avoid, but after the third try she slogged through like a trooper. If I could fault her on anything today it was that she finds the trail to be a long buffet line of delectible things to eat *LOL*. As I don't know every poisonous plant, tree, leaf in the woods, this was a little distracting. But she is still alive this evening, so I guess it was alright.

Phebes has a nice loose moving out walk. That will come in handy down the trail later. Her mommy walks like that.

Trailering hasn't made much headway. I'm not making an issue of it. I just take her too it whenever I get the chance, and get as much of her as she can calmly put in there, and give her a treat. When she wants out, she gets out, gets a pat and we go on to whatever else needs doing. I thought I needed to take the fear out of the place first. Make it someplace she looks forward to going because there is always a carrot, or some chow in there for the taking.

My irises are this time of year (when it isn't raining).~Endurance Granny

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