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May 11, 2008


We've probably had three inches of rain since Thursday. The trail are a slippery sliding mud bath, as is the riding area, the round pen, and if it doesn't stop soon, so will the horses stalls. The ground can only hold so much water. Call it the Granny part of me, but I'm not inspired to ride when the rain is cold. Phebes had an hour and a half of riding yesterday, part of it we went to the trails out back, but after a four day lay off, she was a pain in the pahtootie. I didn't get the usual round pen, ground exercise, prework done that seems to work for her, and it shows! She was sure there were large predators lurking in the woods, horse eating turkeys in the field, and her mind was not at all connected to what I was doing. She was too jumpy to make it worthwhile, so I got off, led her back home, and rode her in the front fenced enclosure. Cree was pretty tense out there too, not sure if they were feeding off one another, or if someone dropped off a few lions, tigers, and bears when I wasn't looking? ***sigh*** But I guess not every time out on a young horse is going to go the way you want it.

While I'm blogging I did want to make mention of a new sport spring up called the Supreme Trail Challenge. If you get an opportunity check out the website: It is part CTR, part trail trial, with simplified gate and go type P&R, soundness checks. They offer levels of competition for novice to advanced. Entry fees are reasonable. There may be a series of rides that will have a trophy belt buckle for the horse and rider team that proves he/she has the ride stuff! The group putting these on is the Texarklahoma Trail Riders. This group of ladies has put a lot of thought into making a distance ride challenging, fun, and easy for the competitor. Hoping to see these rides get legs and drift towards Indiana. May try and put one on myself one of these days.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there~Endurance Granny

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