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May 7, 2008

Another ride for Phebes...pushing on

Phebes is sometimes just a "turd". I was setting up barrels last evening to work on soft turns around them with her. She bit me! Thought that behavior was long gone ***sigh***. So back to the round pen we went for a little work on the respect issues. Then back out in the riding arena (front fenced lot, no pretty arena here guys) to work on bending around barrels. She was nice and soft with her turns, light on the bridle and responsive to my leg. Trotted her around a few, but had a lot of mare ears going on, so I will need to work the trot some more in the round pen where the area is a bit more confined in case of a melt down. Then I rode her out to the end of the grassy pasture which is fenced. Want to start getting the idea in her head that she is to look to me for leadership, not the other horses. Made about four trips back and forth, and she got better each time. First trip she acted like she wanted to spin around, second trip she let out a squeal of displeasure, third and fourth she was fine, and was able to whoa and stand still and relax.

If all goes well today, the plan is another trail ride this evening on our back acreage. ~Endurance Granny

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  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog quite by accident, and to my great delight. I'm a new endrance rider, also training several greenies with an eye on the sport, and blogging about it on The Barb Wire. I have a list there of other endurance blogs -- may I add yours?