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May 6, 2008

Just bending, bending, and bending

Yesterday I worked late, got home around 6:30 p.m. Cleaned the stalls, and rode Phebes for awhile. She was fine, bending really nice and soft on her turns. Practiced directing her with as little rein as possible, and she's starting to pick up on the feel of my body shifting for a turn. She is pretty good with her stops, but I'd like to see that improve to be a little more "snappy". She stops, but it takes about three steps past the cue for her to react. She's been more spooky the past two rides, maybe that hormonal thing going on again. It is about that time for a heat cycle.

The "horse training" episode seems to have gone from her mind. For the most part she's been very soft and reasonably compliant. The only episodes we have had were related to Cree leaving her by going into the woods, and my having her stand in the middle of a field. That was pretty hairy, but I got her through it. Then the turkey incident, that big bird bursting from the brush, and flapping like crazy. Thought I was a goner that time, but managed to one rein her in. She's doing well, just a lot of miles to go yet this year, and have got to win the battle of the horse trailer loading thing. I'm contemplating having her eat out of there each evening. If she wants to eat her goodies, she has to stick her head in the trailer, and start inching the pan forward a little each evening. I want her to relax in there....she's had five trailer rides and all were extremely stressful events for her. I would like the trailer to be hoooooooo hummmmmmmmm. Off to work.~Endurance Granny

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