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April 23, 2008

Update on the Phebes...Happy 4th birthday too!

Phebes is healing from the wounds she sustained while at the "trainer", though I hesitate to use that description for what transpired. The wound on her poll area is pretty much healed, has a small scab on it. The laceration down the center of her head has now filled in with granulated tissue and is forming a fragile layer of what will be skin. The other cuts on her face are filled in and starting to grow a little hair, though I expect some scar tissue to form when all is said and done. Hoping that her forlock will hide the worst of it. She stills bares scrapes on her legs, and no hair has grown back on those yet, but she seems to move sound enough after she had a week of rest, antibiotic ointment, food, and water.

We've gone back to work using her Dr. Cook's bridle, and the Sycamore Creek Saddle in the round pen for starters. First we did a lot of nonstrenuous ground work, just to help her mind, and reinforce that being in the round pen does not mean racing around the thing frantically! I also bought swimming pool noodles to use instead of the training stick. Wanted her to know that it means go, turn, stop, and that I can whack her without any resulting pain. Also got her a big ball to roll around in there. I led her along the wood trails out back, and Doug ponied her, which she seemed to really like, she was just trotting along, looking around, ears twitching back and forth.

We've had four rides now. Three in the round pen, and one tonight on the trail that is at the back of our property. We hit a couple little glitches. She climbed a little hill nicely, but coming down she seemed afraid and got to backing into the brush, and pawing. So I got off and led her down, and she was fine with that. I think she is having a little difficulty balancing on the uneven terrain with my weight on her back. She crossed the cement bridge and went through the woods, and around the field. She's not ready for a water crossing yet, as she wants to leap across from the ground. I just don't need any leaping, so we avoided the water crossings for now. She was following Big Cree, and seemed interested in her surroundings, but not fearful, her ears twitching back and forth like radar.

My training CD's haven't arrived yet, don't know what is up with that? Hope they get here soon, need new ideas, and ways to work thorough problems.

She still is stiff with the bridle when she is upset, afraid, or unattentive. In the round pen she bends and flexes nicely, but out of it, you kind of have to crank her around to get her attention. I'd like to get her light, not sure how to get it done. But we will just keep working at it.

So tired tonight~Endurance Granny

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