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April 14, 2008


Phebes is so sore. I'm still finding new scrapes and cuts. One in front of her ear that was hidden by the forelock. Her eyes look so tired. But with carrots for reward, and a lot of approach and retreat I was able to get some antibiotic salve on her head wounds. Most of the cuts are bad scrapes, but the one on her forehead is a laceration. It should have been sutured, but too late to do so now.

She was afraid of her feed bucket? What the hell did he do to her? Doug had to hand feed her last night, and was finally able to entice her back to the bucket with bits of apple and carrot, then hiding the treats in her feed. She still doesn't want my husband to touch her, but is beginning to accept me.

To say I am disheartened and sick would be the world's understatement. Phebes is a handful, but she was also a curious, people seeking horse, a beautiful and intelligent filly. She's sensitive, and you just can't push too hard. Shouldn't a horse trainer with "thirty years of experience" who "trained 30-40 horses a year" know that? I will sound the alarm for the rest of my life should anyone mention this horse trainer to me, they will hear an ear full of what was done to my horse. He didn't listen to one thing I tried to tell him. He wasn't smart enough to LISTEN to the horse, to know when to back off. I'm not convinced that she tripped and fell like his wife said. He didn't even clean her wounds, they were caked in mud and dried sweat, he did not apply antibiotic, just left her shaking in a corner, bleeding, and in pain. Nor did he apologize for the injuries she sustained, I'm sorry if I'm ranting...I'm just beside myself with anger. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life, and the worst experience of Phebes'. By God I'll try this training stuff again myself. It would be difficult to consider ever sending her away again after this disaster? I'd have to have a boat load of live references. The thought just scares me at this point.


  1. I so wish you lived close to me. There is a guy at my barn that doesn't raise his voice much less an evil hand. And he works with a lot of my barn owners Arabians. And all of them love him. Again, I am so sorry you and Phebes are having to go through this.

    Tammy in TX

  2. Thanks Tammy! We are trying to work through things. Appreciate the long distance support.