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April 13, 2008

Leatherbury Horse Training Vevay, IN this is I got ....

I'm just sick over this. She left last Sunday and I went to check on her Wednesday, she had a scrape over her eye and one on her back leg. I was upset, but thought she's in a strange place, and could have done that in the round pen. I went back again and she had a puncture on her coronet on her hind leg, and I was wanting to bring her home, it just didn't feel right. We went this morning and this is what we have. She also has a broken front tooth...from the bit or what???My soft responsive horse is traumatized. She won't let me touch her head, she's lost an incredible amount of weight. He didn't even offer me any money back. In fact, he didn't offer any first hand explanation at all as to what happened. She's turned out with her mama, and I'm just SICK OVER THIS. I couldn't recommend this to anyone.

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  1. OMGosh, I am so sorry. Poor Phebes. I would give all the negative publicity I could on that place!!!

    Phebes is in my prayers.

    Tammy in TX