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April 9, 2008

Phebes is at the trainers

I've really struggled with my fears since Phebes has been gone. She has had two training sessions so far, and the report back is that she is doing well, that she is smart, but high strung. The plan is to call them this morning and see if the footing is good enough for a session since we had rain overnight. He does not have an indoor area for training, so sessions depend on the weather.

Cree and Puddin' took her leaving much better than I had imagined. Last time Puddin' got really upset, but seemed to take it in stride. Cree seems to look for her now and then, but none of the screaming and fence running of the previous time when she left.

On my end, just hoping and praying this goes well, no injuries or accidents, and I have a more trustworthy horse when she comes back, and start trail riding upon her return.

~Endurance Granny

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