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April 6, 2008

Phebes leaves for training this morning

My emotions are mixed with excitement, and worry. Phebes will be gone for the next 60-70 days for training with Josiah Leatherbury in Vevay Indiana. The goals are: Safe trailer loading, re-started under saddle, a solid walk, trot, canter, and most important WHOA.

Phebes and I did real well with starting her under saddle last summer. She had about twenty rides on her, and was really responsive. Then the winter layoff, and I suddenly have a more dominent and determined horse. Maybe the crash on my head knocked some sense into me? It did enlighten me that she has some definite cracks in her training. Phebes is still way to emotional over new things, and there are some respect issues (though better) that remain.

We are going to follow the trainer, trailer, and horse down this morning, and the plan is to go down at least twice per week to work with her. I have to balance that with my Mom's needs.

Once Phebes is gone I do hope to work with Puddin' a little. Find myself really missing the time with my old girl.~Endurance Granny

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