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April 28, 2008

Frank Bell's Training System

I started working the program yesterday, and for the first time have my hands on a training system that I think this horse can benefit from. Phebes is just a really high strung arabian, and most of the training styles I've looked at and attempted would just melt her down with the increase in pressure. At melting point, learning ceased, and my frustration began. It seemed like a never ending loop. This program looks to win the horse's confidence first. After Phebes trip away the first of April, with the resulting hard knocks, exhaustion, weight loss, she was just really shut down on humans. I've worked very hard the past two weeks to restore her confidence, to restart her under saddle in a calm and non-confrontational way. I'm sure we will face more hurdles along the way, but after working this program through one time, she was able to trust me enough to complete two of the trail obstacles that she did not have the confidence in me to trust me to go on through. I'm beside myself that she carried me down that little muddy track, and through the boggy area at the bottom of our field. That I was able to separate her from the dominent horse here, and ride off without so much as a nicker! She walked off from the other horse like she'd done it a thousand times, her little ears twitching back and forth. I'm going to repeat the mantra to myself to not take short cuts, work through this training system step by step, and see how far it can take us. If you are looking for an easy to understand training system to build relationship with your horse, I recommend this one. No high priced gimmicky things to buy...just a rope halter, twelve foot lead, your hands, your breath, and patience to listen to the horse. None of the fancy terminology that leaves your mind adrift wondering ...what did he say? Just plain, simple, easy to grasp exercises that can build partnership between you, and your horse. Our mammoth task here, will be the horse trailer. But first, we will work all the way through the program.~Endurance Granny

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