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April 28, 2008


Hey Distance Riders! I've located a tack sales place that has the beta/biothane overlay bridles at a good price. The best thing though, is you can order some of the components separately! What's so good about that? This means you can purchase, or already have a black beta bridle, and order the brow bands in COLORS. It makes your handy black plain old bridle a very versatile piece of equipment. You just change out the brow band, and you have a "new" look. I'm all about the colors with my horses and intend to order a black browband with maroon overlay, and a black browband with a white overlay. If I can sneak in a third, I'll do brown over black for a more traditional look. That will give me three ways to dress up the Phebes, for about $30. I've also located a place that has the saddle strings in white, you could dye these to match the browbands ....(yes, I have the sickness) *LOL*

The website for the browbands is:

~Endurance Granny

p.s. I'm ecstatic over the progress with Phebes!!!!

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