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April 30, 2008

We'll go back at it this afternoon

Working at the bonding thing again (she's wanting to blow me off a little this morning....grass is calling her name in a big way), and also the ground exercises. Another de-spooking exercise can't hurt. If that goes well, we will head out to the trail for session #3 of we are walking down the trail, life is good, nothing to be afraid of. The last two trips out there have shown a little progress each time. Even a very scary spooky deer episode was easily contained, and forgotten. My most huge obstacle is patience. I hang in there pretty good working about 30-40 minutes on something, but then I become aggravated. So for both our sakes, our training exercises will be short and to the point. Trail work a little longer if she is responding well.

Doug is also starting his big horse Cree on Bell's dances with horses program. We found all kinds of cracks in Cree's training, mostly in the area of de-spooking. Cracks would be an understatement, more like huge black spaces of fear over silly things. Again, he is improving with each session.

I'm off and running this morning. A trip to the store, over to see my Mom, and then I'll come back and start working with Phebes some more, but on a lead line today since she is so driven wanting to eat grass.

I'll share the full report of how things go.


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