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March 8, 2008

We did get hit with the snow...

At least ten inches of snow fell, with drifing up to fourteen inches. Both vehicles are buried in the driveway. The snowplows came through and cleared out the road today, however the plow throws the snow on the driveway further obstructing things. I'll be lucky to have the car out come Monday.

Puddin' got a little hypothermic yesterday. I had to bring her in, and blanket her. She had shelter, but wouldn't go under the lean to with the other two. Found her wet and shivering. A hot bucket of soaked alfalfa cubes, and her winter blanket got her thawed out. She was fine outside today. I'm noticing her bad eye is looking a lot more hazy blue. Makes me sad my sweet horse is slowly going blind.

My friend Donna called this morning. She has promised to ride some miles with me this year. Another friend Lynn said I could ride with her at their place. Lynn has a hundred acres with trails and corrals. Hoping to take Puddin' over there to keep her in shape without the stress of conditioning for long distance. Phebes will be heading to the park at the first will probably be June before she comes home, though I do plan to go to the trainer's place and ride her there during the training period.

Discovered today that my water bottle holder, and sponge on a strap aren't going to work with my new saddle. Will have to find something that will as I drink a lot of water on conditioning rides. Also like to carry a bottle for my horse in case we don't find water on trail, can at least take the dryness out of her mouth.

Though I planned to start my riding this weekend, mother nature had other plans. So I've quilted, painted part of a wall in the kitchen, sculpted a hen and two eggs, painted those, cleaned out a crock where I keep all my large serving spoons and gadgets, brushed the fur balls out of the cat, made a cherry cheese cake, ate more of it than I should have, sorted through some of my tack. Have a lot of "stuff" that I really have no use for.

There will not be a melt off for at least a week....gonna have to find other stuff to do. ~Endurance Granny

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